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Some of you may have noticed that the Crate Diggers project within Transifex looks a little different from other Transifex projects. Why is that?

Most Discogs Transifex projects are file-based projects, but we also use “Transifex Live” for Crate Diggers. We hope to use “Transifex Live” for other projects in the future.

The “Live” projects have a cloud icon, rather than a file-folder icon:

Transifex Live allows translators to actually see most strings within the original context of the website! There are two different ways you can add translations to a Transifex Live project.

Using Transifex Live within the context of the Discogs website:

Transifex Live lets you translate Discogs in context and get an immediate preview of how the translations will look on the site. Navigate to the project’s associated website and then add this text to the end of the URL:


For example, for, you navigate to:

From here, you can see context, add translations, and immediately see how the page will look with your translations!

It may take some playing around with to get used to this new approach, but hopefully, it will make translating easier to have the full context visible. Here is the Transifex documentation about translating in context.

Using Transifex Live inside the Transifex Editor

Similar to providing translations for file-based projects, you can provide translations from within the standard Transifex Editor. Here is the Transifex documentation about using Transifex Live inside the Transifex Editor.

As always, if you have any questions, please post here or in the Discogs-i18n Translator Group.

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