Database Guidelines Translation Project: Week 1

We’ve just completed the first week of the Database Guidelines Translation Project! As you can see we had a busy week, especially the last few days:

We started with the Database Glossary and the first section of the Database Guidelines. Each Friday, I’ll add the next section of the Database Guidelines.

My hope was that we can get to 100% translated in each language by Friday each week before I add the next section. We totally nailed that goal in French (thanks LetsBoogie)! We didn’t quite meet that goal in Spanish and German, but we certainly made some solid progress:

To be fair, this first week was a very heavy week! We started with not one, but two resources: both Section 1 of the Database Guidelines (3,461 words) and the full Database Glossary (1,372 words).

On top of that, last weekend was a holiday. Furthermore, some of our translators are totally new to using Transifex. Despite the hefty word-count, holiday, and the new-to-Transifex learning curve, we’ve made great progress! I’m thrilled to see that just a few hours ago the Database Glossary made it to 100% translated in Spanish, and we are making significant progress on Section 1 of the Guidelines in both German and Spanish!

So, a big thank you to our fantastic Contributor-Translators! With your translation help, we are able to further the Discogs mission to build the biggest and most comprehensive music database in the world!

Database Guidelines Week 1 Leaderboard:


LetsBoogie (French) 3,461 translated words


macaumetal (Spanish) 2,058 translated words


no_noise_reduction (German) 1,673 translated words

And thanks victorrz and mcymd who added their very first translations this week!

Next Week’s Database Guidelines Translation Goal:

That’s right, I’ve just added the second section of the Database Guidelines. It’s a whopping 3,427 words. However, you’ll notice the resource is already partially translated: 22.4% of strings are complete already! We are using Transifex’s “Translation Memory” to fill in translations that have already been translated by our community previously. You can certainly suggest different translations, but hopefully those pre-filled strings will give us a jump-start!

As always, please feel free to ask any and all questions! You can always reach out to me (Weetzie) or post feedback or questions in the Discogs-i18n Translator Group.

And to anyone interested in helping with the Database Guidelines Translation Project: please join us!

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