Reviewers play an important role in ensuring translation quality on Discogs. They check translations to make sure they’re error free and meet our quality standards. And some of our most active translators are Reviewers; so they also play an important role in contributing translations!

Reviewers have the ability to:

  • Proofread and Review translations
  • Edit and fix translations that are already Reviewed
  • Post in team discussions
  • Submit translations
  • Initiate a translation sync, so any new translations or updated translations are added to

When you join the Discogs Community Translation Team, you join as a Translator. A Translator can get promoted to be a Reviewer, after they have:

  • Demonstrated an understanding of Transifex. For example: adding appropriate translations with accurate placeholder preservation and adherence to String Instructions.
  • Displayed a positive involvement in the Discogs Community Translation Team. For example: asking and responding to questions in the i18n Group and communicating issues in Transifex when a string needs context or requires a code change.

If you are interested in being a Reviewer, please continue to work on the above. You can also contact the Transifex Team Coordinator if you want to be considered for Reviewer promotion ASAP. (Weetzie is the current Transifex Team Coordinator).

The Perks of Being a Reviewer

  • Be a significant contributor to an amazing project to build the biggest and most comprehensive music database in the world!
  • Get recognition on the blog for your hard work.
  • Receive a “thank you” package of Discogs swag.
  • Discogs staff will write a Recommendation for you on Transifex or LinkedIn (just request one from the Transifex Team Coordinator)

How to Initiate a Translation Sync

Reviewers now have the ability to initiate a translation synchronization (sync)!

New and updated translations are added when a Transifex project resource gets to 100% translated AND reviewed in a specific language. 

That’s really all you need to know: get a resource to 100% translated and reviewed in your language, and those translations will get added to the website within a few days! But if you want to know the nitty-gritty, read on…

  • This sync process only works for the main Discogs website projects: the Localization project and the Discogs Identity Provider project.
  • Each language syncs individually. Meaning if all strings a specific resource are translated and reviewed in French, then all French translations in that resource will be updated. But the translations for other languages for that resource aren’t updated until they also reach 100% translated and reviewed.
  • Each resource syncs individually. Meaning once all strings in the “messages_js.pot (master)” resource are reviewed (and there are no untranslated strings), then all French translations in that resource will be updated. But the French translations in the “messages.pot (master)” resource are only synced when that resource also gets to 100% translated and reviewed.
  • When a reviewer initiates a sync, the translations won’t display immediately. When you initiate a sync, it opens a pull request that a developer still needs to merge in GitHub. So you’ll need to wait until a developer merges that pull request before you see changes online. Developers will generally merge those translation pull requests quickly, but they only merge new code Monday-Thursday.
  • A sync is only initiated when a resource gets to 100% translated & reviewed. When a resource is already 100% translated and 100% reviewed, just updating a translation won’t trigger a sync. You’ll need to actually unreview a string, and then re-review it to make sure a sync is initiated.

If you ever have questions, or want to double-check that a sync was indeed initiated, please just ask the Transifex Team Coordinator.