Database Guidelines Translation Project: Week 5

Today marks the end of week 5 of the Database Guidelines Translation Project!

And what a busy week it was…

LetsBoogie is killing it, and pulled French up to 100% translated!

Spanish translations are complete for 3 of the 5 sections, which gets us to 75.9% translated.

Database Guidelines Week 5 Leaderboard:


LetsBoogie (French) 4,182 translated words / 2,242 edited words


macaumetal (Spanish) 1,654  translated words / 19 edited words


waxsessions (Spanish) 821 translated words / 65 edited words

(Week 5: May 17 – May 23, 2019)

Thank you, LetsBoogie, macaumetal, and waxsessions!!!

The Discography and Database Guidelines have come a long way in the last two decades! Your translations make you an integral part of Discogs’ History! Read more about the Evolution of the Database Guidelines!

Just hours after we got to 100% complete in French, I’m going to ruin it and add the next section of the Guidelines to Transifex…

Database Guidelines 5. Barcodes & Identifiers

Great news though – Database Guidelines 5. Barcodes & Identifiers is a relatively short section! It’s 43 strings, and about 1,500 words. So, perhaps not short, but certainly less daunting than the last section.

Your Translations are LIVE on Discogs!

I have started to add your translations to the Database Guidelines, so international contributors can start utilizing your translations!

Here is Section 1 of the Guidelines in French!
Here is Section 1 of the Guidelines in Spanish!

Note: I can only sync sections that are 100% translated. So some translations aren’t added yet.

Next Week’s Database Guidelines Translation Goal:

As always, please feel free to ask any and all questions! You can always reach out to me (Weetzie) or post feedback or questions in the Discogs-i18n Translator Group.

And to anyone interested in helping with the Database Guidelines Translation Project: please join us!

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