Database Guidelines Translation Project: Week 4

Today marks the end of week 4 of the Database Guidelines Translation Project! We’ve slowed down a little in some languages, but we are still making progress:

French is still leading the charge at 80.4% translated. But last week’s section was a doozy, and there are still many untranslated strings in all languages:

Database Guidelines Week 4 Leaderboard:


LetsBoogie (French) 1,077 translated words


macaumetal (Spanish) 411 translated words


mcymd (Spanish) 234  translated words

(Week 4: May 10 – May 16, 2019)

Thank you to everyone who is continuing to contribute to this project!

I know, I know… Section 4 of the Guidelines is huge and daunting! Not to mention, that summer sunshine is starting to lure us outside more (at least in my part of the world).

With that in mind, I haven’t added a new section this week. Let’s take another week to try to catch up on Sections 1-4.

Next Week’s Database Guidelines Translation Goal:

As always, please feel free to ask any and all questions! You can always reach out to me (Weetzie) or post feedback or questions in the Discogs-i18n Translator Group.

And to anyone interested in helping with the Database Guidelines Translation Project: please join us!

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