Database Guidelines: November Update

Hello Community Translation Team! I’ve just made a few major changes on Transifex, so here’s my attempt to keep you in the loop…

First of all: thank you to our French and Spanish team for completing the full Database Guidelines translation! We just posted an update about the Spanish guidelines on the main Discogs blog.

Now that we have two languages complete, it’s time to address a limitation we had with the way the Database Guidelines project was set up in Transifex. In order to continue to make improvements to those translations, I needed to update the Project. I don’t want to bore you too much with details – but just be assured that the old setup might have looked a little cleaner, but it didn’t support the ongoing need to sync the changes and improvements that are inevitably needed.

Now all Database Guidelines can be found in the Database Guidelines & Help Center Project.

The downside to this change, is that there are now more than 100 documents in that Project, so it’s more difficult to find the database resources. However, the upside is that we can more easily capture changes to the original English documents and changes to translations. And another improvement is that we can now support all of the languages that are supported by our Help Center. In other words, it’s now possible to add Italian and Japanese translations to the Database Guidelines.

If you are interested, here’s a little more info about the Transifex project setup:

Improving Database Guidelines Translations:

You may notice that certain documents need improvements or simply a certain term needs to be changed so we are using the term consistently across all of Discogs. Once a document is completely translated, a Discogs staff member will need to sync the document again in order to update the document displayed on

Discogs Staff will plan to sync all documents monthly so we pull in these small changes. But if you want the change to display ASAP, just post a message explaining which documents were updated in the Database Guidelines – Translator Discussion thread, and we’ll be sure to sync immediately.

Why are there so many resources?

To keep translations in sync, we need to have all of our Discogs help documents in the same Project as our Database Guidelines. That’s why the Project is called Database Guidelines & Help Center.

I know, it’s a little overwhelming! We’ve flagged all of the Database related documents as “High” priority, so if you sort by Priority (Descending) you’ll see all the Database related documents first.

You can also search by Database Guidelines which will show all sections of the Database Guidelines (but may exclude a few of the general database-related help documents).

Thanks as always for your help with translations! We are already seeing some improvements to submission numbers that relate to translations – I’ll be sure to share more data with you all soon!

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