September Localization Update

Thank you, Discogs Community Translation Team!

It’s been a busy month! Here’s a look at who contributed translations in August 2019:

We’ve made significant progress on the Database Guidelines translation project in French and Spanish, and we’ve made some major improvements to website translations in Russian and Portuguese!

We’ve also started adding some localized posts to the Discogs Blog. And we have several more translated posts ready that will be added soon.

Thanks to everyone who helped with translations in August!

The Discogs team has also been busy working on localization improvements

Here are a few of the localization-related projects the Discogs team is working on:

  • The first steps of Mobile App internationalization are complete! The iOS and Android app teams have linked their code repositories to Transifex, and have started the first steps towards internationalizing that code.
  • We have added translation tags to many areas that were previously missing tags and fixed a translation “line break” bug. There are still many areas of the website missing translation tags, but we are gradually making our way through that backlog.
  • We are working on adding more localized posts to the Discogs Blog and translating blog metadata.
  • We have been gathering qualitative and quantitative feedback from Discogs Sellers in Mexico, Brazil, and South Korea, in order to find ways to better serve our community in these countries.
  • We are running an A/B test to experiment with using Machine Translations for certain (currently untranslated) sections of the website.
  • More Help Document translations will be added by the end of September.
  • Work is underway to better support translations on the Add Release / Submission Form.

Thank you, Community Translation Team! Your efforts help music-lovers around the world!

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